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Black Angus Beef, LLC
Our Animals

Angus cattle are widely known to be among the finest of beef breeds. However, there are great variations even within the Angus family. There are four family lines that are recognized for their superior quality. Our cattle are from these lines.

Certified Angus cattle are only required to be 51% Angus. Our cattle are 100% pure Angus. We have also bred selectively for the best qualities possible. We have used carefully documented information about our cattle at harvest as well as ultrasounds to look at their structure to help us identify the best animals for breeding.

Marbling is the key to tender, flavorful beef. Most cattle are weaned as quickly as possible then sent to feedlots. Because they are weaned early, their natural marbling does not have a chance to develop quickly. The stress of being transported to a feedlot means that the cattle stop eating or "go off their feed". When they stop eating, what marbling they have developed is reabsorbed as their bodies use that fat for energy.

Our cattle are weaned after they have had as much time on mother's milk as needed. This time on milk allows their marbling to fully develop. After the cattle are weaned, they are moved to the next pasture or, at most, one mile to the feedlot pasture. This short trip does not stress our cattle, and they never go off their feed.

Although it is technically a feedlot, our cattle are not confined to a small area. Their food is kept in a corner of the pasture along with water that runs through a fountain so that it is constantly fresh. The fountain is hooked up to the city water line, so the cattle drink the same water our family does. The cattle also have grass to graze on. There are trees for shade and rolling hills for play. The low spots between the hills also draw in air that creates a cooling breeze.