Neola Farms

Black Angus Beef, LLC
Greetings from the Lenagar family

As of 2007, Michael and I have been married for 31 years. Both his family and mine were in cattle farming before we married.

We have two sons, Derek and Heath. Heath puts his experience on the farm to good use working at John Deere. He helps us out on the farm by growing our row crops. Derek is a medical technician specializing in echocardiograms. In addition to his day job, Derek helps out on the farm when we need him. Both of our sons live on family land near our farm.

When it comes to the farmers market, our nephew, Shonn, and our niece, Rachel, help us out frequently.

You might think Michael is the boss, but our farm is truly run by our granddaughter, Riley. She runs out to see Grandaddy everytime he comes home. She also helps round up the cattle using her own special "pokin' stick".

Charline Lenagar